Brand Story

Hi! Nice to meet you at Thesundaybeach. It is said that listening to your inner feelings will guide you on how to achieve your dreams. I believe in it. When I was very young, my mother was a magician. Because she could always magically make the fabric pieces my vests, short sleeves and dresses. Every time my mother used scissors to cut fabrics, I would happily run over to see how she worked. I knew that my mother was making new clothes for me. I can't forget how excited I am every time when wearing my new clothes. Those clothes with my mother’s love accompanied my childhood. I thought to myself that maybe I could try to make a dress for my mother. When I grew up, I became a clothes designer as I wished. I can't forget the touched moment when she wore the clothes I made for her. Now every time someone asks me why I dreamed of being a clothes designer, I always have the same answer: from the love and gratitude for my mother. Since then I have embarked on an incredible journey. I want every woman to feel graceful and confident. Our team is creative and passionate, and I hope our enthusiasm can infect each of you.